Red Tree Gallery




Thank you for your interest in the Red Tree Gallery. The gallery was established in 2005. It is operated by the Pender Islands Artisan Cooperative, incorporated in 2001 as a non-profit cooperative business in the Province of B.C. The Cooperative serves to exhibit and market the work of its member artists. Its operations are supported by the membership fees and commissions on sales of the artists’ work. It functions as a full participation cooperative which means that all members share equally in the duties involved in operating the gallery. These include staffing and administrative duties. We do not accept work on consignment.

Membership is open to artists and artisans who are full-time residents of Pender Island and are able to fulfill the shared duties associated with running the gallery. Membership is by application, interview and jury process. Acceptance is also dependent on the availability of space and the balance of media in the gallery. Upon acceptance there is a one-time initial fee and share purchase. For each following year there is a membership fee based on projected costs of operations of the gallery for the fiscal year. Members sign a contract each year which clearly delineates the rights and responsibilities of members. Payments for sales are made monthly to the artists.

We are entering our 10th year of successful operation as a gallery, and our 15th year as a cooperative. Over this time we have averaged about 15 members, all business partners who form a warm and mutually supportive community of artists. This has enabled us to grow as artists and to acquire the administrative skills to make our art a successful business venture.

We are grateful to the community for supporting us with their visits and purchases. Should you be interested in joining us, a full information package with details of the fee structure and work commitments is available by contacting the Membership Chair through our gallery. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to meeting you.


The Red Tree Gallery is located at Hope Bay, on North Pender Island  

250 629 6800


July 2014